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My team is building a web based hardware management system with failover/redundancy built into the system (two web servers). In our application we have created redirects that will switch to the redundant web server if the first one fails, based on connection to the main. This is mostly working well, but there are some cases when the page will try to redirect or refresh and the server has actually gone down in the mean time, resulting in a "Page unavailable". This is something we want to avoid, and would rather a local html file be displayed. Is it possible to override or catch the Google Chrome "Page Unavailable" (ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT) page and make it load a local file instead (/files/customPageNotFound.html)? Maybe there is some option in the configuration or this can be done with an extension?

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Check this answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/8514883/…. You could also use the webNavigation.onErrorOcurred event. developer.chrome.com/extensions/… –  rsanchez Mar 27 at 20:27

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