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onload event not firing in IE 9 and above.


        var popup = window.open('mypopup.html', 'bl', 'scrollbars=yes,location=no,toolbar=no,status=no,width=720,height=1000,left=300,top=50');
        var htmlToPrint = $('#thank_view').clone();
        htmlToPrint = htmlToPrint.html();

        popup.onload =function(){
            alert("ONLOAD WORKING");
            $("#appended", popup.document).append( htmlToPrint );

I have also tried

  $(popup).on("load", function(){
        $("#appended", popup.document).append( htmlToPrint );

All the above methods work in all browsers except IE9 and above. Is there a way around this for newer IE browsers.

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Does the load event not fire? Or is the HTML not appended? –  Rocket Hazmat Mar 27 at 16:38
It is possible that load fires as soon as you call .open(). Does firing it manually after you attach the handler work? –  blgt Mar 27 at 16:45
there is probably a X-Y problem, $(document).ready work well –  Infer-On Mar 27 at 16:58
The load event is ignored from what I'm seeing. blgt what you mean firing it manually. –  Chapsterj Mar 27 at 18:04

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