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It may not be a question per se, but anyhow, here is the problem:

I read that:

iOS7 connects fine on ports 25, 366, 110, and 143. It does not connect on ports 465, 993, and 995. discussed here

So my emailing app that uses MailCore 1.0 to check gmail, a Mac/iOS framework for working with the e-mail protocols IMAP and SMTP link to mailcore stopped working since gmail imap is on 993 port.

Any workarounds? I would really appreciate.

CTCoreAccount *account = [[CTCoreAccount alloc] init];
BOOL success = [account connectToServer:@"imap.gmail.com"

this is what I use to connect to gmail imap, it does not connect, it returns success=NO;

account last error returns: domain:@"mailcore" - code:9

SOLVED by recompiling my app on XCode5.1

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Boris, I would love to click the reopen button. But what does "not working" mean? What exactly doesn't work? Do you get a specific error? "It may not be a question per se" - make it a question and people will reopen it. –  Leo Natan Mar 28 at 15:11
Any reason why you are using MC1 instead of 2? Legacy app? –  Leo Natan Mar 28 at 15:13
CTCoreAccount has a property of lastError. What does it show? –  Leo Natan Mar 28 at 15:19
Let's look at lastError and see what the error is. Post that. –  Leo Natan Mar 28 at 15:20
No worries. Still interesting why compiling against iOS6 SDK would cause it to malfunction... –  Leo Natan Mar 28 at 17:11

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SOLVED by recompiling my app on XCode5.1

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