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I've just tried to run Angular-bootstrap generator and answer all the options as so:

[?] What version of angular would you like to use? 1.2.15
[?] Which official angular modules would you need? animate, route
[?] Any third-party component you may require? bootstrap#~3.1.0
[?] Would you want me to support old versions of Internet Explorer (eg. before IE9)? nose arrow keys)
[?] Should I set up one of those JS preprocessors for you? none
[?] Should I set up one of those CSS preprocessors for you? sass
[?] What's the base name of your project? bootstrap
[?] Under which lincense your project shall be released? MIT
[?] Would you mind telling me your username on GitHub? mgcrea

Everything runs fine and dandy, but when I try and run grunt serve or grunt build I get the following error: Warning: Task "bower-install" not found. Use --force to continue.

I've tried to run bower install & npm install to fix this error but I get the following: npm WARN package.json bootstrap@0.1.0 No README data

Has anyone any advice on how I can resolve this?

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To overcome this I've just manually added the module after running the angular generator –  Mike Sav Mar 28 '14 at 9:45
you should really post the answer as an "answer" not a "comment" –  anders Apr 17 '14 at 16:53

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Please try the following:

  1. try with "bowerInstall" - not "bower-install" as this option has been renamed in later versions (see https://github.com/mgcrea/generator-angular-bootstrap/issues/2)

  2. Make sure you run bowerInstall from the root directory of your app

  3. have a look at your Gruntfile.js - is there a function "bowerInstall" ? If not, just add it:

    bowerInstall: {
        target: {
            // Point to the files that should be updated when
            // you run `grunt bower-install`
            src: [
                'app/views/**/*.html',   // .html support...
                'app/*.html',   // .html support...
            // Optional:
            // ---------
            cwd: '',
            dependencies: true,
            devDependencies: false,
            exclude: [],
            fileTypes: {},
            ignorePath: '',
            overrides: {}

    You can add this function for example right after the function filerev: {....}

  4. Make sure you have installed the package "grunt-bower-install". Have a look into your package.json. You should find the following line there:

    "grunt-bower-install": "^1.6.0",

    If not, just add it and then run:

    npm install


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Running the "npm install" command locally before executing grunt was the missing step for me. –  sfuqua Feb 16 at 21:41

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