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I'm developing an Android project using google app engine endpoints. We tried to insert a new query in an automatically generated endpoint class (I have a Poll.java class and a PollEndpoint.java class) in the server side, but the system doesn't work because a red cross is showed on the AppEngine part of the project. No other error message are shown.

Code insert in PollEndpoint.java class:

@ApiMethod(name = "getLastPoll")
public Long getLastPoll(@Named("date") Date date, @Named("creator") String creator) {
EntityManager mgr = getEntityManager();
Key id = null;

try {
        Query query = mgr.createQuery("select keyPoll from Poll where creator
     =" + creator + " and creationDate = " + date);
        id = (Key)query.getSingleResult();
    } finally {
    return id.getId();

Is it correct to do query in this way?

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When you say a red cross is being shown, is it because there is a compilation problem in the project ? Please specify. –  Romin Mar 28 '14 at 3:06
Yes, I found the compilation problem and I solved it: the return type can't be of type Long. –  user2010585 Mar 29 '14 at 16:19

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When you get a red cross on the project but can't see any errors I suggest you look at the errors/warning view (I think that's what its called). You haven't specified your IDE so I'm assuming Eclipse.

Most often it is a problem with your build path.

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