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Is there anyway to determine percision at runtime using C commands? there is printf command with dot notation:

printf("%.xf", number);

but x should be fixed before compiling.

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Yes, specify an asterisk and provide the precision as a (int) parameter

for (int k = 0; k < 5; k++) printf("%.*f\n", k, 42.0);
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Why there is only specifier for two arguments in printf ? –  haccks Mar 27 at 18:14
@haccks: the * in the conversion specifier consumes the first argument (k). –  John Bode Mar 27 at 18:16
Note: When using k=0; printf("%.*f\n", k, 42.0), "42" (no decimal point) is printed rather than "42.". Use k=0; printf("%#.*f\n", k, 42.0), to print the decimal point as in "42.". –  chux Mar 27 at 22:09

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