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I have some confusion how application work, Let suppose I have an application { Spring MVC }. It has one controller layer and one layer for services and one DAO layer and One model.

Model Layer: It contain Model classes with the following annotation @Component ( mean singleton).Service Layer: It contain Services classes which is annotated with @Service , It contains model classes injected by @Autowired. It called DAO class by passing Model class as attribute get result from Database and return back to Service class.

DAO Layer: It just has method and Entity Manager instance injected, It just take request from Service layer and fetch result from Database send back to Service layer.

Controller : This layer is just injected service classes which is annotated with [@Service] will be injected through @Autowired. It also contain Response class object, Response objects are classes I thought should be annotated with @Component @Scope(“request”) [ is it right or should be something else ?]

In further discussion I will using annotation and class name inside it.

Now question is that: I have @Component(“User”) which is obviously singleton, @Service(“Login”) is using this User classes by @Autowired. As per my understanding User class have the share values for Application context.

If my controller will get 1000 login request at the same time to authenticate user.

  • How my @Controller will be reacted ? ( How many instances for controller ? Its singleton by default )

  • How many @Service classes instances will be there? Inside @Service I have @Component(“User”) what will be about User ?

  • If @Component(“User”) will be loaded for one request then what about other requests will this user share the same information or will keep hold the request as soon it will done with one request then the same instance will be loaded for other request.

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    why do Requests and Users need to be components? do they even need to be spring-managed beans? –  Nathan Hughes Mar 27 at 19:03
    I am implementing through Spring IoC, Its the way you giving responsibility of instantiating your classes and inject them when you need them any where in application. There is an other scope of prototype which instantiate every time when you inject them any where in your application. Request scope is for every request. Dont i need to make them component ..! instantiate every time inside service class ? –  Ji_Ji Mar 27 at 19:23

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