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I'm considering using Docker and thus trying to find as much information possible about it's integration with Node.js applications.

In production, my applications run the Node.js cluster module to fork() new processes and the domain module to catch errors, handle them and then fork() fresh processes.

(Official example: "Warning: Don't Ignore Errors!")

My question is the following :

  • How would I be able to put every new fork()'ed process inside a Docker container ?

  • If it's not possible, are there any alternatives with which I could get error catching / handling features from, like pm2 or forever that would be compatible with docker ?

Any other resources about Docker good practices for Node.js applications are welcome too !

Thank you in advance !

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Processes forked by cluster module are in the same multi-core system. Processes in different containers belong to different virtual machines. So I don't think you can put processes forked by cluster module to different containers. Just run pm2 start yourapp.js in every container. –  bnuhero Mar 28 '14 at 1:47

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