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I got 2 pages; page 1 and page 2 and i would like to transfer data from page 1 to 2. What I have in Page 1 is a link inside a foreach statement that link will always have a unique value as shown here

         page 1

        foreach (var item in Model.IEThreadpost)
  @Html.ActionLink("Report", "model", "cars", new { id= item.MyValue }, new { @style = "color:#980000" })

As you can tell from the foreach there are many links inside and each link will have a unique number (MyValue) . That number MyValue will also correspond to a database record and upon users clicking a link i would like to open a new page cars/model that matches MyValue==database-record-number . I just do not know how to carry a value from page 1 to page 2. This is what I have on page 2

    page 2
    public ActionResult model(int id)
      // how can I transfer MyValue to the id field here

        var threader = (from s in db.database where s.ModelID == id select s).FirstOrDefault();
        return View(threader);
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When you debug the program, is the id variable not set? Your code looks fine to me. the link that should be printed to page 1 is url/report/model/<id>, is that not what is happening? Is your routes.config setup to handle that parameter? –  mituw16 Mar 27 at 19:29
perfect that was the issue my route,config has been changed and it did not take an ID parameter all working now. –  user3329640 Mar 27 at 19:36
Great! Glad I could help :) –  mituw16 Mar 27 at 19:37

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Configure the routes.config to handle the parameter.

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