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How do you add a formula into excel that will scrub all invalid email addresses? I have a list I purchased of 1 million people that I would like to send my newsletter too, but I do not have much knowledge on using formulas.

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What is your criteria for an email address being "invalid?" Would it just be malformed (i.e. missing the '@' symbol, missing the server, etc.) or are you trying to strip email address that are no longer active? Follow-up question, if malformed is what you're looking to filter, then why would a purchased list have those? Seems to me that if you paid money for it that it would come with complete addresses. –  zugzwang Mar 27 at 19:32
Just use RegEx, though 1 million e-mails seem like an awful lot to match. –  Nanashi Mar 27 at 20:22

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If your e-mails are in A column, go in the B column and in the B1 cell and copy paste this code:

=AND(FIND("@",A1),FIND(".",A1),ISERROR(FIND(" ",A1)))

Then, go down and left on the B1 cell so you can copy and paste the code to the other cells. Hope that helps! At the valid e-mails, it will give you true.

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