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So I'm trying to install Lamdu, and because it relies on GLFW (brew install glfw3)I've had to install that, and the GLFW bindings for Haskell. I cloned the Lamdu repository, cd lamdu, cabal configure, and the only dependencies that it says I don't have are GLFW-b. cabal install glfw-b gets the same error, every time (I've tried reinstalling the Haskell Platform with a binary and rebuilding from source, nothing changed)

What I think are the most important lines of the error: unknown symbol '__objc_empty_vtable' ghc: unable to load package 'bindings-GLFW-'

You can find the full error here

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I've since switched to Arch Linux, and that has solved the problem –  gallabytes Apr 29 '14 at 5:08
Supposedly, this issue is solved in GHC 7.8, which is part of the latest version of the Haskell Platform: github.com/bsl/bindings-GLFW/issues/8 –  Loki Clock Mar 22 at 17:50

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