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I have a project for Google App Engine which uses JPA/Datanucleus to access some Entities. That works fine so far.

Now I would like to extract the JPA Entities into a base project in order to re-use the classes in other maven projects to avoid code-duplication.

However when I move the sources into a base project and do the enhancement there with the maven-datanucleus-plugin, running the local app engine server fails with Exceptions like

NoPersistenceInformationException: The class "x.y.z" is required to be persistable yet no Meta-Data/Annotations can be found for this class. Please check that the Meta-Data/annotations is defined in a valid file location.

I have verified that enhancement seems to be fine, I see

DataNucleus Enhancer completed with success for 2 classes

however the directory target/generated-sources/annotations is empty, should I be seeing anything in there?

Is it possible to separate the JPA classes into a separate maven project? Or do I need to set up my projects differently?

And how can I verify on the class-files if they are actually enhanced or not?

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How can you verify bytecode enhancement? by using a java decompiler like – DataNucleus Mar 28 '14 at 7:54
Yeah, thanks, I hoped there might be a way using some datanucleus tools or maven plugin. – centic Mar 28 '14 at 10:55

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