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I am using Subgurim Google Maps control (http://en.googlemaps.subgurim.net/).

In the Page_Load I need to know the lat/lng bounds of the map that is about to be displayed. I have the following ingredients: lat/lng of center and zoom level.

I did some reading and found out I can't access the GMap1 control itself to figure out the bounds because it has not been fully created/finalized/rendered yet. It gets created/finalized/rendered later in the ASP.NET page life cycle. OK fine.

I did some reading and found out that it is not so simple to calculate se and nw bounds given lat/lng of center and zoom because it varies and changes from place to place depending on many factors like granularity of the earth or your screen/monitor size. Good grief!

Is there any way to figure out the bounds during page_load? I need to know which markers are going to be displayed in a given map on page_load from within ASP.NET. I want to use the information to populate dropdown menus and info boxes on the sides and bottom of the map based on the markers that appear on the map.

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