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I've developed an application-level add-in for Word, and encountered the following problem:

When another document is opened (and another Word Window appears), I cannot use the Add-In in the newly-opened window. Moreoever, when I click the button in the Ribbon that should display the Add-In, it's getting displayed in the original window, and not the new one.

How can I make the Add-In appear also in the new Window?


UPDATE: After realizing the question was not clear enough, let me clarify:

The Add-In displays custom task pane. What happens is that when I open a new window of Word, the button that displays / hide the pane affects only the original window, and not the new one, so I cannot display two instances of the task pane.

Why is that? How can I display multiple task panes in Word?

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whats your VSTO Version? WORD target version? VS Version? – RadioSpace Mar 27 '14 at 22:35
VS2012, Word 2007+ – ml123 Mar 27 '14 at 22:39
so I created a word add-in (2013) and put a button in a ribbon and the click event simply has Globals.ThisAddIn.Application.ActiveDocument.Content.InsertAfter("yes"); which successfully adds text to the appropriate window. so maybe if you could share the code you are calling the add-in that appears. I could help more – RadioSpace Mar 27 '14 at 23:16
OK, I just realized my question was not clear enough... What I meant is that my Add-In displays a custom task pane. When I open a new window in Word, I cannot open the pane in the newly-opened window, just in the original one. I'll update the question. – ml123 Mar 28 '14 at 12:45

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