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I have an issue with handles which I can't explain.

Situation: An application/process

  1. starts itself again (with different parameters) using CreateProcess calling its EXE-file
  2. waits until this new instance is finished using WaitForSingleObject
  3. Once WaitForSingleObject return 0 I get the exitcode using GetExitCodeProcess
  4. I close the handle to the ended proccess using CloseHandle

Every call returns success except the CloseHandlewhich returns false and GetLastErrorreturns 6 (=ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE).

According to this SO post the the process stays valid until the last handle closes. Which doesn't seem true for me.

The issue I have is according to the ProcessExplorer/Taskmanager each time I call CreateProcess the handle count of the proccess increases by 2. Over time the handlecount is so high that the whole Windows starts to act weird and freeze...

The bottom part of ProcExp lists one handle to a non-existing-process and one to a non-existing-thread for each call..

Thanks for your input.

PS: The application is written in PowerBuilder using external function calls to the kernel32.dll. The simplified code looks like this:

// Declaration of CloseHandle as local external function
Function boolean CloseHandle (ulong hObject) Library "KERNEL32.DLL"
// Start another process
CreateProcess (lul_null, "~"" + as_command + "~" " + as_arguments, lul_null, lul_null, TRUE, 32, lul_null, ls_null, lstr_startupinfo, lstr_proc) 

// Just for test
WaitForInputIdle(lstr_proc.ul_process, al_millisecs)

// Wait until the process closes
    do while Yield()
    lul_rc = WaitForSingleObject (lstr_proc.ul_process, al_millisecs)
loop while lul_rc = WAIT_TIMEOUT

// get exit code
GetExitCodeProcess(lstr_proc.ul_process, ref al_ret)
// this one still returns TRUE!!


// closehandle returns FALSE 2 times
if NOT CloseHandle(lstr_proc.ul_thread) then lul_rc = GetLastError()
// lul_rc = 6
if NOT CloseHandle(lstr_proc.ul_process) then lul_rc = GetLastError()
// lul_rc = 6 which means ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE. But why?? For GetExitCodeProcess(..) one line above the handle was still OK

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Process Explorer and Task Manager are both correct. CreateProcess() does return 2 HANDLEs - one for the new process, and one for the process's main thread. You have to close both handles when you are done using them. Sounds like something is killing your spawned process prematurely before you can close those handles. But without seeing your actual code, it is hard to diagnose this problem. –  Remy Lebeau Mar 27 '14 at 23:52
Thanks, I added the code above. What really puzzeling is that for GetExitCodeProcess() the handle is fine, but not for CloseHandle... I've also tried to call CloseHandle() with all 4 values in the PROCESS_INFORMATION struc that CreateProcess returns. For all 4 CloseHandle() returns FALSE with error=6 –  Soko Mar 28 '14 at 1:27
PROCESS_INFORMATION only has two HANDLE fields, both of which must be passed to CloseHandle(). The other two fields are DWORD for the process ID and thread ID, which are not handles. –  Remy Lebeau Mar 28 '14 at 1:37
I am not familiar with PowerBuilder. How does lul_rc get assigned the return value of WaitForSingleObject()? You are explicitly assigning lul_rc when calling GetLastError(). Shouldn't you be doing the same for WaitForSingleObject()? –  Remy Lebeau Mar 28 '14 at 1:51
Sorry, was a typo in the source. I don't think it has to do anything with powerbuilder as the code is straight forward. Its frustrating. –  Soko Mar 28 '14 at 2:17

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