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I have the following query:

pj = projects_this_week = Timesheet.unscoped.joins(:task_link => :project).select('projects.name as name, SUM(time_end - time_start)').where(:user => @user).group('projects.name').order('hours desc')

This works fine.

Now I want to add an attribute to pj that lists the % of the total hours that project has.

So suppose 3 projects are returned like this:

Project A 12h Project B 10h Project C 5h

Then I want the result to be:

Project A   12h   44.44%
Project B   10h   37.04%
Project C    5h   18.52%

I want to do this without having to do an additional query of course.

How should I best do this? If it's difficult then as easier option: how do I get the total of hours out of pj?

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