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I'm looking to use pretty / clean URL's in my web app.

I would like the following URL:


.. to resolve to:


I tried overwriting the NameBasedActionResolver with:

public class CustomActionResolver extends NameBasedActionResolver {
    public static final String DEFAULT_BINDING_SUFFIX = ".";

    protected String getBindingSuffix() {

    protected List<String> getActionBeanSuffixes() {
        List<String> suffixes = new ArrayList<String>(super.getActionBeanSuffixes());
        return suffixes;

And adding this to web.xml:


Which gets me to:



  1. A stray "." is still neither pretty nor clean.
  2. The class name is still capitalized in the URL..?
  3. That still leaves me with *.jsp..? Is it even possible to get rid of both .action and .jsp?
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I think you are looking for the @URLBinding annotation. Look at @URLBinding on your Bean.


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I should have mentioned that I have tried this, but I then get a 404 when trying to access http://mydomain.com/myapp/calculator. Furthermore, I'd rather be establishing my own convention, rather than configuring by exception, on an action-by-action basis. –  Dolph Feb 16 '10 at 3:42
The @URLBinding annotation definitely works. –  Pointy Feb 23 '10 at 0:08

I was trying to do the same thing, and had the same question, though I wanted my URL to use the trailing slash http://mydomain.com/myapp/calculator/

The answer is to use @UrlBinding & the DynamicMappingFilter

I modified the example to have:

public class CalculatorActionBean implements ActionBean {
return new ForwardResolution("/WEB-INF/view/calculator.jsp");

Then I added the DMF to web.xml:

    <display-name>Stripes Dynamic Mapping Filter</display-name>


Now the clean URL works as expected, and I'm never redirected to a *.action URL after interacting with the form.

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