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Can I have one mobile service (JavaScript backend) put data into a database table, And also have a second mobile service (.NET backend) process the data, store results in another table of the same database, and send push notifications to the client apps?

CLARIFICATION - My motivation for this is for two reasons

1 - .NET backend currently doesn't have scripts available in scheduled jobs

2 - I'm moving a lot of C# code from my mobile app onto Azure

So I thought maybe I can get around these two problems by splitting up the mobile service into two parts

Part 1 - do the easy stuff in javascript backend (mostly data retrieval from internet and storage to database)

Part 2 - do the complicated staff in .NET backend so that I can keep the complicated logic and calculations as C# - this is the part I would also connect to the mobile clients to send push notifications and such.

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Do you need the second mobile service (.NET) to also be accessible from exposed APIs or just do backend data processing? –  Chris Mar 28 at 2:41
Ok I added a clarification on what I'm trying to do, but to answer your question, I only need to connect one of the two mobile services to the mobile devices. –  erotavlas Mar 28 at 3:06
For 1 - it is possible to set up scheduled jobs in .NET backend. You create the class inheriting from Microsoft.WindowsAzure.Mobile.Service.ScheduledJob and wire that class name up in the portal and specify the schedule of the job. Soon we will enhance the portal workflow to me a little clearer on this and show you the list of classes in your .NET backend to choose from. –  phillipv Mar 29 at 20:01
yes I finally found the code sample in the downloadable project, but there's barely any documentation. I hope you guys can pull some documentation with samples together soon –  erotavlas Mar 30 at 1:09

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I found I could create one mobile service in .NET and the other as Javascript, and connect them to the same database. So yes I believe it is possible

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