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Netbeans 7.4, Doctrine 2 project, php 5.5, win7. So it doesn't work just in INCLUDED file.

In original file autocomplete IS working, see comments at bottom:


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';


use Doctrine\ORM\Tools\Setup;
use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;

use Doctrine\ORM\Mapping\Driver\AnnotationDriver;
use Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationReader;
use Doctrine\Common\Annotations\AnnotationRegistry;

$paths = array("./entities");//to je fora, mora ./
$isDevMode = false;

// the connection configuration
$dbParams = array(
    'driver'   => 'pdo_sqlite',
    'path' => __DIR__ . '/db/glavna.sqlite',
    /*'user'     => 'root',
    'password' => '',
    'dbname'   => 'glavna.sqlite',
    'host'     => 'localhost',
    'port'     => '',*/ 

$config = Setup::createAnnotationMetadataConfiguration($paths, $isDevMode);

$driver = new AnnotationDriver(new AnnotationReader(), $paths);
// registering noop annotation autoloader - allow all annotations by default

$em = $entityManager = EntityManager::create($dbParams, $config);
//$em-> here works autocomplete

But in included file autocomplete isn't working. Php file IS included and is working.

//other file
require_once "bootstrap.php" ;

$obj = $entityManager->find("UserTB", '1');
//here $entityManager-> or $em-> autocomplete isn't working

echo "Created Product with ID " . $obj->getScreenName() . "</br>";
//file is included and php IS working
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