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Refering to this : http://jsfiddle.net/CZk8L/4/

Can anybody explain to me why the overflow:hidden style generates this extra space at the bottom of the first li ?

This is driving me crazy for hours.

The fact is I need the position:relative; overflow:hidden on my first li because of the form that I want to hide and move inside it (to follow the cursor).

I tried to set some heightor max-height on each element, but it did not work. I also tried some line-height

A solution to re-align both li could be to add the same position:relative; overflow:hidden on the second li, but it still be the extra space under them and I would like to understand the root cause.

Thanks for your help!

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Instead of "display:inline-block" can you use "float:left" Or check this link jsfiddle.net/cooolkiran/CZk8L/6 –  Kiran Mar 28 at 2:19
Thanks, the li {float:left} is efficient (http://jsfiddle.net/CZk8L/8/). I still do not understand why this space appears with the display:inline-block. And your fiddle does not work neither : I want to keep de overflow:hidden on the first li. Thanks anyway. –  M'sieur Toph' Mar 28 at 2:53

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Change ul padding:5px to padding:0px to avoid space under li.

 ul {display: inline-block; background:#DDD; padding:0px;white-space: nowrap; margin:50px 200px;}

You can align the li using vertical-align: top;

   .with_overflow li:first-child {position: relative; overflow: hidden;vertical-align: top; }
    .with_overflow form {position: absolute; opacity: 0;}
    .with_overflow iframe {display:none}

See updated fiddle

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Hi, it did not work (even on your updated fiddle). The space I want to 'fight' is under the first li and not between them. Thanks anyway. –  M'sieur Toph' Mar 28 at 2:42
Tkx, but I need to keep overflow:hidden in the first li –  M'sieur Toph' Mar 28 at 3:04
@M'sieurToph' yes it work with that too. see here jsfiddle.net/CZk8L/10 .. just add vertical-align: top; –  newTag Mar 28 at 3:07
Oooh. Nice move! I tried to re-align the second li to the top, but not the first one ... I think I have a winner! Thanks a lot. Can you post your answer? So I can 'check' it! (EDIT : Just put back the ul padding to 5px on your fiddle to be as close from the original fiddle as possible) –  M'sieur Toph' Mar 28 at 3:20
Done! Thx again. –  M'sieur Toph' Mar 28 at 3:30

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