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I know that udev can be split to two parts:

  1. libudev

  2. udevd

To port udev to my platform, I have successfully done the libudev on my platform.

However, I need udevd, the daemon manages the virtual/dev.

I have searched around the source code for udevd but no progress so far.

Please let me know where I can download the source of udevd if you know any.


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udev is now part of systemd, but there is also a fork named eudev.

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Thanks. So Is it possible only ports udevd instead of systemd on my platform? –  Sam Mar 28 at 8:31
Yes, just take eudev. In theory you should be also able to port systemd's udev, but I think eudev is better suited. Btw what platform are talking about? –  yegorich Mar 28 at 8:33
Yes, it is a direct fork with the same functionality. Do you know such embedded distro as Buildroot? It provides both systemd, eudev and even mdev. See the documentation. –  yegorich Mar 28 at 8:45
@Sam could you please accept the answer? –  yegorich Mar 28 at 11:09
if you are trying to port udev onto other platforms, udevd, udevadm and libudev will be needed. –  Sam Apr 2 at 10:05

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