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I've got this problem that I can't solve. Partly because I can't explain it with the right terms. I'm new to this so sorry for this clumsy question.

Below you can see an overview of my goal.

I'm using Magento CE & Solr 4.6.0.

Goal : Trying to customize search fields in solr.

I found in some articles

 <lst name="defaults">
   <str name="echoParams">explicit</str>
   <int name="rows">1000</int>
   <str name="df">text</str>

So this will search only attribute dest="text"

in Schema.xml if i have the field i have the max. of dest="text", So if i comment any of one attribute search is not giving any products, its giving no product.

   <copyField source="cat" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="cat_name" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="store_id" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="name" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="fulltext" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="manu" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="features" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="includes" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="title" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="author" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="description" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="keywords" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="content" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="content_type" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="resourcename" dest="text"/>
   <copyField source="url" dest="text"/>

For fulltext it giving like this

"response": {
    "numFound": 1,
    "start": 0,
    "docs": [
        "id": "459",
        "product_id": "6",
        "store_id": "1",
        "fulltext": "[SKU]|Enabled|None|[NAME]|[DESCRIPTION]|[Short-DESCRIPTION]|780|[STORE-ID]",
        "text": [
        "_version_": 1463797346986885000

I don't want search in some fields like Short Description So if i remove that Short-Description from fulltext field it will work. So how do remove that Short-Description from here. And already i tried to remove complete fulltext field because of this Solr Server giving empty results.

So How can i solve my problem ?

Any ideas ?

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First of all df doesn't mean that Solr will search only by this field. It means = default field, so if you don't specify field in your query. Solr will perform search on this df field. Second - show full log of query, you miss the real query, how it looks like –  Mysterion Mar 29 '14 at 16:26

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