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Any node can have any number of children. To search this tree i wrote something like this

function Search(key, nodes){

 for (var i = 0; i < nodes.length; i++) {

        if (nodes[i].key == key) {
            return nodes[i];

        if (nodes[i].hasOwnProperty('children')) {
            return this.Search(key, nodes[i].children);


which doesn't quite work...any input?

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You only recursively search the first node that has children.

You should rewrite that last conditional to something like this:

if (nodes[i].hasOwnProperty('children')) {
    var node = this.Search(key, nodes[i].children);
    if(node != null)
        return node;

You also need to add a case for if the node is not found - for example, a return null at the very bottom of the function.

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You seem to be missing a base case. What happens when you encounter a node that has no children and also is not the node you're looking for?

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If this is Javascript, this in your code this.Search is probably what's giving you the problem. this means "the current Function object." Try replacing this.Search with just Search.

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