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I realize Schema is the way to go, but this is an assignment. If I wanted to require an attribute on some element to be a float/number, is that possible? The only thing I know to do is to define it as CDATA - is there some predefined ENTITY ? I don't think I should pull in any other DTD, so if it's that complex, it's incorrect for the purposes of this assignment. Right now I do it like so:

<!ATTLIST elemName attrName CDATA>

Is this just a limitation of DTD?

Additionally, is there a way to require #PCDATA on an element? I'm using Altova XML Spy and it is allowing elements with:

<elem foo="bar"/>

for something defined like:


past the validation. Thanks.

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there doesn't appear to be a way to specify only numbers and the empty string is valid for #PCDATA

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