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I have a nav.shtml file in which I am setting a class on the current menu item as follows:

Faculty'>http://root/level1/level2/page.shtml">Faculty & Staff

This is fine for the top-level pages, but a few have subpages and I would like to be able to set the class on the top-level menu item if the current page is a subpage as well. E.g. There is a "Faculty/Staff" menu item which goes to an overview page, faculty.shtml, then there are some links on that page to individual faculty/staff pages in a subdirectory. If I'm looking at one of the individual subpages, I still want the class to get set on the "Faculty/Staff" menu item.

So, I need something like:

"if $DOCUMENT_URI=/level1/level2/page.shtml *or* if $DOCUMENT_URI=/level1/level2/level3/*.shtml".  

I can't seem to figure out the correct syntax... Can anyone help me out?

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The following should work for you, based on the example provided:

<!--#if expr="$DOCUMENT_URI = /\/level1\/level2\/page\.shtml/ || $DOCUMENT_URI = /\/level1\/level2\/level3\/.*.shtml/" -->
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