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I am redesign my website and changes some category, sub category and product URL, but now I want to redirect old URL into new one, I have more than 50 URL redirect to new URL, Currently I was using below method

Redirect 301 www.mysite.com/stone-and-tile/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile/ambienti/index.php    mysite.com/new/tile-and-stone-floor/ceramic-and-porcelain-tile/supergres-ambienti/index.php

As per describe above I have redirect more than 50 URLs, so please suggest me any short code or any other way I can reduce this code and also my website not getting slow down

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You will most likely have to keep doing it manually since there is no pattern you can follow to make it dynamic. Or does it always add the same elements? for example ambienti always gain supergres and becomes supergres-ambienti and stone-and-tile always gain floor and change order becoming tile-and-stone-floor? –  Prix Mar 28 at 6:25

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