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I am using parse.com as backend in my app and I have two table
In User Table i have following attributes: shopName(String),shopAddr(String),email(String), phoneNo(String), icon(file), shopLatLng(ParseGeoPiont).
In Category Table i have following attributes: couponTitle(String),couponDescription,rUser (Relation to UserTable),validityDate(Date),userId(objectId of user from User Table).

I want run a query which can search data which is greater than CurrentDate upto validityDate CurrentDate is given by user and than I have stored userId in 'category Table' from 'User Table' which will match data from 'User Table'.
In User Table table i have shopLatLng(ParseGeoPiont) which will arrange the data according to nearest location and display the data of both table afterwards.
In Sql we can perform join but how to do in parse.

        ParseQuery query = ParseQuery.getQuery("FoodDrinks");
        query.whereGreaterThan("validity", dateToday);
        ParseQuery Userquery = ParseQuery.getQuery("User");
        Userquery.whereMatchesQuery("objectId", query);
        Userquery.whereNear("shopLatLng", latlng);
        results = Userquery.find();

        for (ParseObject obj : results) 
            ParseFile icon = (ParseFile) obj.get("logo");
            ParseFile itemImage = (ParseFile) obj.get("itemImage");
            CategoryGridItem map = new CategoryGridItem();
            map.setShopName((String) obj.get("shopName"));
            map.setTitle((String) obj.get("couponTitle"));

This code is getting crash and showing java.lang.nullPointerException.

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