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I am using balloon pop-up notification to show user notification messages. It lasts for only 5 secs as by default windows notification setting comes up with 5 sec time.

My code is:

from win32api import *
from win32con import NULL
from win32gui import *
import win32com.client as com
import win32con
import win32file
import time

class WindowsBalloonTip:
    def __init__(self, title, msg,notlivelong):
        message_map = {
                win32con.WM_DESTROY: self.OnDestroy,
        # Register the Window class.
        iconPathName= "D:\cc.ico"

        wc = WNDCLASS()
        hinst = wc.hInstance = GetModuleHandle(None)
        wc.lpszClassName = "PythonTaskbar"
        wc.lpfnWndProc = message_map # could also specify a wndproc.
        classAtom = RegisterClass(wc)
        # Create the Window.
        style = win32con.WS_OVERLAPPED | win32con.WS_SYSMENU
        self.hwnd = CreateWindow( classAtom, "Taskbar", style, \
                0, 0, win32con.CW_USEDEFAULT, win32con.CW_USEDEFAULT, \
                0, 0, hinst, None)
        print iconPathName
        icon_flags = win32con.LR_LOADFROMFILE | win32con.LR_DEFAULTSIZE
            hicon = LoadImage(hinst,iconPathName, win32con.IMAGE_ICON, 16, 16,icon_flags)
            hicon = LoadIcon(0, win32con.IDI_APPLICATION)
#             logging.debug("Image adding fail")
        flags = NIF_ICON | NIF_MESSAGE | NIF_TIP
        nid = (self.hwnd, 0, flags, win32con.WM_USER+20, hicon, "TITLE")
        Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_ADD, nid)
        Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_MODIFY, \
                         (self.hwnd, 0, NIF_INFO, win32con.WM_USER+20,\
                          hicon, "Balloon  tooltip",msg,200,title))
        # self.show_balloon(title, msg)

        global sleep
        if notlivelong:
            UnregisterClass(wc.lpszClassName, None)
    def OnDestroy(self, hwnd, msg, wparam, lparam):
        nid = (self.hwnd, 0)
        Shell_NotifyIcon(NIM_MODIFY, nid)
        # Terminate the app.

def balloon_tip(title, msg,notlivelong):
    w=WindowsBalloonTip(title, msg,notlivelong)

balloon_tip("title1", "msg1",False) #iF True, then last for 2 sec.

How to make this balloon pop-up to stay for longer duration. Also consider the case, pop-up should stay long in presence of mouse-movement also. Also, after invoking pop-up, process should terminate but pop-up should stay.

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The amount of time to display a notification balloon is a user-setting, and not an application setting. In fact, as of Windows Vista the timeout value of the NOTIFYICONDATA structure is actively ignored. The reason for this is that notification balloons are there to be ignored. If you think that your information is too important to be ignored by the user, then you're using the wrong kind of interface to start with.

Having said that, it is possible to programatically change the settings by using the SystemParametersInfo API, but I encourage you to not do that, as it will affect the setting at a system-wide level, and that's not your call to make.

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