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I have problems grasping Haskell's module system. It seems that the import statement does import a module's symbols into the local namespace. Right now I have the problem of two modules defining the operator (<>) (Numeric.LinearAlgebra.<> and HLearn.Algebra.<>) which are in turn defined in other Haskell namespaces.

  • How would you handle this problem? I have not yet seen other code than import ... to import a module in haskell
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If you need to use both operators in the same module, you can use qualified imports:

import qualified Numeric.LinearAlgebra as N
import qualified HLearn.Algebra as H

Then you can use L.<> or N.<> where you need.

If you won't use one of the functions, just hide it:

import Numeric.LinearAlgebra hiding ((<>))
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Hide the function you don't want:

import Numeric.LinearAlgebra hiding ((<>))
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