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I need to create a TRadioGroup dynamically with 7 different RadioButtons.

RadioButtons as follows:

Screws 12mm

Canned Peaches 250g

Refil Blue Pen



Twin Flex 5m

Clear glue 250ml

Here's how I think it must look:

rgpOptions := TRadioGroup.Create(frmSale);
  rgpOptions.Parent := frmSale;
  rgpOptions.Left := 30;
  rgpOptions.Top := 100;
  rgpOptions.Width := 300;
  rgpOptions.Height := 140;
  rgpOptions.Visible := True;
  rgpOptions.Items.Add := (
                          1 := 'Screws 12mm';
                          2 := 'Canned Peaches 250g';
                          3 := 'Refil Blue Pen';
                          4 := 'Tomatoes';
                          5 := 'Spaghetti';
                          6 := 'Twin Flex 5mm';
                          7 := 'Clear Glue';

(BTW I know it doesn't compile, that is why I am asking)

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Add the items one at a time rgpOptions.Items.Add('Screws 12mm'); rgpOptions.Items.Add('Canned Peaches 250g'); etc –  Graymatter Mar 28 '14 at 7:40
Why was this downvoted twice?!?! I showed my research and my effort for doing this? Jeez –  Aidan Quinn Mar 29 '14 at 14:17
No idea, everybody must start being an expert I guess. Upvoted to compensate. –  Johan Mar 29 '14 at 18:52

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You need to call Items.Add once for each button:

rgpOptions.Items.Add('Screws 12mm');
rgpOptions.Items.Add('Canned Peaches 250g');
// etc. 

Or if you have the items in a string list already, with one line of text per button, you could write:

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Thanks man, sorry about that other question xD.. Was under an influence.... And I wasn't near Delphi.. –  Aidan Quinn Mar 28 '14 at 8:17

In case you're going to use something newer than Delphi 7, you're looking for the AddStrings(TArray<String>) method of TStringList.Items which allows you to add an array of string to the list of radiogroup items:

        'Screws 12mm',
        'Canned Peaches 250g',
        'Refil Blue Pen',
        'Twin Flex 5m',
        'Clear glue 250ml'
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If you download and install GExperts (http://www.gexperts.org/download/).
You'll get a new menu and some extension of the context menu.

One of the new options is <component to code>

enter image description here

If you select a container component (like TPanel) it will create code for all the owned components as well.

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That is actually very useful. Thank you! –  Aidan Quinn Mar 28 '14 at 13:20

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