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I have added MobileDetectBundle working with prod environment but not with dev.

Code in config.yml is below:
mobile_detect: redirect: mobile: is_enabled: true # default false host: # with scheme (http|https), default null, url validate status_code: 301 # default 302 action: redirect # redirect, no_redirect, redirect_without_path tablet: is_enabled: false # default false detect_tablet_as_mobile: false # default false switch_device_view: save_referer_path: false # default trueenter code here

When load prod environment url on iPhone simulator I get redirected to the set host. But for dev url redirection does not happen. Both prod and dev ymls have the same content.

Am I missing anything?

Appreciate for any helps.

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Verify that cookie has not been set before. If you have prod and dev running on same domain it can be a reason. – Anton Babenko Mar 28 '14 at 9:09

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