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First off, Are there any good resources, or can someone tell me what is the best way to find what element is causing bubbling?

The bubbling is being caused by touchmove on mobile device.

So what I was planning to do is

$('.target-thats-bubbling').bind("touchmove", function(event){

So second, would that code above work? if what I say is true about the touchmovecausing the bubbling

If I am wrong about touchmove causing bubbling, let me know. I haven't found anything that says it can't cause bubbling.


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var bubbled_event = event.target == event.currentTarget ? event : false; –  Anthony Mar 28 at 9:39

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Usually event.target contains a link to the element which cause bubbling.

Yes, touchmove event cause bubbling.

Useful resource on touch events.

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