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I'm building a website where I've included a Google Map using the Google Maps API v3. Now I'm wondering how to make the map look like a "real map" (one out of paper that has been folded), like this one:

The user must still be able to interact with the map, so I can't just put a "paper looking" div on top of the map and set opacity to some low number.

Any ideas how to achieve this? Preferably with css.

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this screenshot is taken from

It's a simple map which is covered by a <div/> with a semi-transparent background-image(

To be able to interact with the map the pointer-events-style of this div is set to none

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Nice! The only problem with this is that the overlay doesn't move when you move the map, making it look a bit weird. Is it possible to make it look like the overlay moves with the map? – gusper Mar 28 '14 at 14:53

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