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Does anyone know of a good text editor implemented inside of OpenGL?

I'm writing this OpenGL app, and I need some basic text editing apps inside of the app. [Not an external application.]


(PS; if it's a mini-vi clone inside of OpenGL, even better!)

Edit: I'm using C++.

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You can use CEGUI widgets (editbox is suitable if I remember correctly). CEGUI can be rendered using an OpenGL renderer.

Updates: typo fixed :)

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You are not specifying what programming language you are using. There are code examples in which they are using Qt to render widgets in a 3D scene or using widgets in a OpenGL QGraphicsView.

You will also find nice videos which gives you a give impression about what is possible.

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alas, both links are outdated now... –  CapelliC May 17 at 16:10

I know that Blender3D has a notepad inside which is in openGL.
This may be a bit of on overkill because the code base to blender is huge, and it may be hard to narrow it down and get what you want from it

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