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I want to put the notification in the tab bar of the app to show the number of item selected for the shopping list. Is there any way to add the notification in the tab bar of app.

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You mean the badge? Do something like (where self is a UIViewController):

[[self tabBarItem] setBadgeValue:@"42"];
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On the storyboard you have to select your navigation view controller if you have and then open your Property window and set Badge according to your requirement.

if you want to set programmatically

1. find your tabbar Item by viewcontroller

 # badge=what you want to set.   

2.[[[[self tabBarController] tabBar] items] objectAtIndex:1] setBadgeValue:badge];

and if you want to set by storyboard please refer this image.

enter image description here

Hope this will helps. Thanks

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You can set the badgeValue property on a UITabBarItem to present the user with a small red badge on that item.

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