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I am getting this error while i am going to delete a comment associated with a post.

// my CommentsController

def destroy

        @post = Post.find(params[:post_id])

        @comments = @post.comments.find(params[:comment])
        redirect_to post_path(@post)


// my form::

    <strong><%= comment.commenter %>:  </strong>

     <%= comment.body %>
    <strong> at </strong><%= comment.created_at %>

    <%= link_to 'Delete Comments', [comment.post,comment], method: :delete, data: {confirm: 'Are you Sure'} %>

I am getting the error in ::

@comments = @post.comments.find(params[:comment])

please tell me where i am wrong..

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Please paste whole error message. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:27
ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound in CommentsController#destroy Couldn't find Comment without an ID –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:28
@MarekLipka :: above is the whole message.. –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:28
Please paste relevant log entry with parameters passed into destroy action. Or, please try my answer, since it probably solves your issue. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:29
Are you sure you are getting id in params[:comment] ? –  RSB Mar 28 at 9:32

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You probably should have:

@comment = @post.comments.find(params[:id])

Since by default, nested resource record id is referenced by params[:id] in destroy action.

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:: i changed that but still not working.. same error is showing –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:31
i am creating the comment with "@post = Post.find (params[:post_id])" and this is working fine.. –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:32
@user3322822 like I said, please paste relevant logs fragment. It would also be good to know how you implement link to destroy action in appropriate view. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:33
:: Request Parameters: {"_method"=>"delete", "authenticity_token"=>"sdrKECi78B2oDMjnAU2EqLekrrdWJ+QeSm21iMgpbQw=", "post_id"=>"9", "id"=>"18"} above is my request parameters..so it is actually taking appropriate parameter. –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:35
@user3322822 it's clear that my solution should work unless you're trying to destroy non-existing already comment. And BTW, instead of pasting it in comment, you should always update question itself. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:36

Use this instead

@post = Post.where(:id => params[:post_id]).first
unless @post.blank?
  @comment = @post.comments.where(:id => params[:id]).first
  unless @comment.blank?
    flash[:notice] = "Comment deleted" 
    redirect_to post_path(@post)
    flash[:notice] = "Comment not found"
    redirect_to post_path(@post)

The difference between find and where is that, where returns an empty array if no comment is found. But find raise an ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound error. Is it clear? If no comment of that id is present in the table then it will return an empty array, and in second line I have added a condition that if comment is not found don't perform destroy action. I've simply handled the error.

You have to include <%= flash[:notice] %> in view file to see the error/success message

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Don't you think the action should raise an error if no record is found instead of pretending that everything is ok and it destroyed comment record? Also, it's not really a solution, it's only a hack to hide an error. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:40
Of course we can define a flash to display error or success message, don't downvote without giving it a thought :) –  RSB Mar 28 at 9:43
@RSB :: yes it is working fine .. but can you tell me the logic behind the first line please.. Thanks// –  user3322822 Mar 28 at 9:45
@RSB did you read the second part of my comment? Your answer doesn't solve the main issue, which is unexpected error. If this "solution" is taken, we'll probably see OP on StackOverflow with another question in few minutes. –  Marek Lipka Mar 28 at 9:45
thanks for accepting the answer, as @MarekLipka raised a concern, you should define a flash to show error or success message –  RSB Mar 28 at 9:45

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