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I am using the TCPDF PHP library to export a number of HTML pages, via the writeHTML function.

As I want each HTML page to start on a new page in the PDF, I am calling startPage before each page of the export.

Very occasionally, if either the page content exactly fills the page, or if there is an extra, empty paragraph at the end of a particular page, this results in a blank page (the previous page has just moved onto a new PDF page, then startPage has started a new page).

Is there any way in TCPDF to detect that the current PDF page has no visible content, so I can skip the startPage call?

I've had a look through the functions in the API and tried using the GetY functions, but I've not yet found a satisfactory solution (GetY cannot distinguish between a single line of text at the start of a PDF page and an empty paragraph at the start of the PDF page).

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