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I would like to have a footnote in a cell of a latex table. Usually I would do it with:

 ... &   $^{1)}  $ ...     

How can I get this using xtable? The following is a minimal example and I tried several ways to get what I want:



df0 <- data.frame(x=c(1:5), y=c('a','b','c','d','e'))
df0$y <- as.character(df0$y)
df0$y[df0$y=="a"] <- "$^{1)}$"
df0$y[df0$y=="b"] <- "$\\^{2)}$"
df0$y[df0$y=="c"] <- "$^3$"
df0$y[df0$y=="d"] <- "$\\^4$"
df0$y[df0$y=="e"] <- "\\$\\^4\\$"

<<echo=FALSE, results="asis">>=


Any hint appreciated.

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See ?print.xtable and check out the sanitize options.

Use your original LaTeX method of inclusion then something like this should work...

<<echo=FALSE, results="asis">>=
tbl <- xtable(df0)
print(tbl, type="latex", sanitize.text.function=function(x){x})
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That's it. Thanks a lot! –  giordano Apr 15 at 19:39

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