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I am creating headers dynamically and also applying styles , everything working properly other than that whatever headers I am merging . I am applying same style to Normal headers as well merged Headers. But some how Merged header showing font as OVER BOLD. I am copying styles from existing cell and applying to headers.

The following is my code.

     private void mergeCell(Row headerRow, int i, Cell cell) { 
    <i>Cell nextCell = headerRow.getCell(i+1); <i>

    if(null == nextCell || StringUtils.isBlank(nextCell.getStringCellValue())){

    cell.getSheet().addMergedRegion(new CellRangeAddress(0, 0, cell.getColumnIndex(), i+1));

cell.setCellStyle(getCellStyle(0, 3));          
cell.setCellStyle(getCellStyle(0, 0));

Note: getCellStyle(0,0) - is my custom method what it will do is it will copy style from specified row,column which existing.

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