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Currently I'm having problems with CCClippingNode in Cocos2D and transitions as stated here. Now Viktor (author of SpriteBuilder) gave a tip that I could mask the image with Core Graphics.

Which I now am doing, and it works. However Core Graphics uses the alpha the exact opposite for masking as Cocos2d. Is it possible to invert the alpha value of an UIImage (grayscale) on the fly?

If I want to mask a circle out of an image with Cocos I would need this mask.

Cocos Mask

but it needs to be this in core graphics.

Core Graphics

Is it possible to create the bottom image from the top image on the fly? (e.g inverting it's alpha)

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maybe this is helpful: stackoverflow.com/questions/2263467/… –  LearnCocos2D Mar 28 at 11:40
if cocos2d v3 supports shaders, i would probably go that route. –  YvesLeBorg Mar 28 at 12:52
I think what you want to invert is the value (level of darkness or blackness), not the alpha (level of transparency). –  RobP Mar 28 at 14:13
That was it thank you! White seems to be "don't show this" and black is "show this" –  Matthijn Mar 28 at 15:20
You want to RactImage to Circle image Dynamic with animation. –  Kirit Modi Mar 29 at 5:46

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How to convert UIImage/CGImageRef's alpha channel to mask?

Ben's answer to the linked question solves inverting alpha of given UIImage. Just delete/comment the below section of the code

for (int y = 0; y < height; y++) {
for (int x = 0; x < width; x++) {
    unsigned char val = alphaData[y*strideLength + x];
    val = 255 - val;
    alphaData[y*strideLength + x] = val;

PS: couldn't add comment.

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