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I have two lists results, xvariables and i want to write them out, side by side, on a file results.txt. According to this question, the best way to achieve a side by side lists writing is this:

f = open("results.txt", "w")

    for idx, vals in zip(results, xvariables):
        print idx
        print ('---'.join(vals))

However, i am getting this error:

print ('---'.join(vals))

Additionally i need to pair each item of the first list (results) with three items of the second one (xvariables). The abovementioned lists are like that:

results -----> [20.354999999999997, 20.354999999999997]

xvariables --> [2, 3, 4, 2, 3, 4]

So i need 2,3,4 to be written side by side with 20.354999999999997 and so on.

How am i supposed to achieve this? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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I'd do it this way:

with open("results.txt", "w") as out:
    xiter = iter(xvariables)
    for idx in results:
        print >>out, idx, next(xiter), next(xiter), next(xiter)

The idea is to print the three next available values, and using iter/next is a pretty plain way to do that while you iterate in the usual way over results.

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That worked like a charm. Thanks a lot –  user1834437 Mar 28 at 11:24
However i am just curious, doesn't your method depend on the way my lists are created? I am using append for it and the process is iterative. –  user1834437 Mar 28 at 11:26
Not that I know of.... –  John Zwinck Mar 28 at 11:27
Just for the record, what seems to be the problem with the TypeError i got the first time? –  user1834437 Mar 28 at 11:58
You were trying to join a single element instead of a sequence. –  John Zwinck Mar 28 at 14:16

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