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I'm having trouble getting .bowerrc to change my dependencies directory:

mkdir bower-custom-install
cd bower-custom-install
touch .bowerrc

Add this to .bowerrc:

    "diretory": "components"


bower init
bower install angular --save
angular#1.2.15 bower_components/angular

I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling bower.

Any idea why bower is not using my .bowerrc "components" directory?

Here's a repo of this project (minus the components folder, which Git won't let me commit):

P.S. I'm on OS 10.9.2 with:

node -v
npm -v
bower -v
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The answer is "c": try "directory" - you wrote "diretory".

And sometimes, StackOverflow should allow answers shorter than 30 characters (here, technically, it's a one character answer :-)).

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I cannot believe I missed that. Thank you for your help. –  Ryan Apr 1 '14 at 15:48

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