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I need a random integer between 0 and an integer with over 1000 decimal places.

Working with integers this large is easy with: big-integer (NPM), but there is no random method, and Math.random() doesn't express enough precision to cover the domain.

Does anyone know a clever way of generating pseudo random integers in a large range in JavaScript?

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I think best solution for your case in Node.JS is crypto.randomBytes(size, [callback]);

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Could you elaborate on how to convert a buffer of random bytes into an integer between X and Y inclusively? It's far less trivial than your short answer would make it seem. –  Adrian Seeley Mar 29 at 12:58
I could do this only for normal integers, but as big-integer module does not support hexadecimal numbers it is very difficult to do this for large numbers –  micnic Mar 31 at 11:11
Ah, okay that makes sense. big-integer seems to represent values using an integer array as a large base representation, getting a good distribution would be an algorithm far more needy than it's purpose. –  Adrian Seeley Mar 31 at 14:14
If the maintainer(s) of the module will implement hex (github.com/peterolson/BigInteger.js/issues/6), I could implement a more universal solution for large random integers –  micnic Mar 31 at 14:42

Perhaps this:

var crypto = require('crypto');
var biformat = require('biguint-format');

// Adjust # bytes as needed
var seed = biformat(crypto.randomBytes(8), 'dec');
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