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I've got a few hundred dxf files spread around a server that I need to copy to one folder on my desktop. Based on other macro's I've written, I tried using the line below, but got an error that it couldn't find the file. I know from a slow windows explorer search that it exists. Can anyone help a guy out? Thanks in advance.

copy s:*\file1.dxf c:\users\me\desktop\DXFs

EDIT:I have a bunch of files in various subfolders on a network drive. Call them s:\directory1\file1.dxf, s:\directory2\file2.dxf, etc. I'm looking to write a batch file that would go to my "S" drive and copy file1.dxf from whichever subfolder it happens to be in to a folder on my desktop. I know the name of each file, just not the location.

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From the command line on the current drive, and below the current folder:

for /r %a in (*.dxf) do copy "%a" "c:\users\me\desktop\DXFs"

Double all % to %% for batch file use - and the folder must already exist 'o course.

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I don't need to gather all files, just a very specific list of them. How would I name particular files? –  user3420646 Mar 28 '14 at 15:55
Perhaps if you edit and put the details in your question then people can focus on what you actually want. –  foxidrive Mar 29 '14 at 1:29

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