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I'm using the latest version of RAD 9.0. RAD is "Rational Application Developer" --which is basically eclipse with extra functionality (UML Diagrams and whatnot).


How do I add an older "Runtime Environment" to Websphere AppServer to Eclipse (RAD)?


  • I need to support Websphere (WAS) 8.0
  • RAD 9.0 ships with WAS 8.5
  • I have installed WAS 8.0 separately


  • Within Eclipse/RAD's "servers" view, I cannot add a WAS 8.0 server.
  • If I click on the "download server adapters" link, it does not list Websphere 8.0 Jonas, Jboss, Websphere 8.5, but no older versions of Websphere.
  • If I click on "Add..." to add a new "Server runtime environment" then "Search..." to (i.e. to find it on my filesystem), Eclipse/RAD does not recognize my WAS 8.0 directory as a "runtime" environment.


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I suspect you don't have the WAS v8 server adapter installed. If you load up InstallationManager and look at the features installed for RAD to see whether it is listed. –  Alasdair Mar 29 '14 at 10:34
That was it. Put it in 'answer' form and I will accept it. –  user331465 Mar 31 '14 at 15:31

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