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There surely must be a Maven plugin that simply prints the file path of a downloaded artifact. E.g.

$ mvn dependency:location -Dartifact=com.google.guava:guava:15.0

Is there such a plugin and how would I use it?

I need the path written to standard output, and not to e.g. a Maven property.

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Could you provide more info on what you're trying to do? Your suggestion looks more like some sort of workaround. Maybe there's a better way to solve the real issue. –  Robert Scholte Mar 28 at 15:59
@RobertScholte I need to download a JAR via Maven and execute it (The manifest contains a main class and the JAR has shaded dependencies). –  dflemstr Mar 28 at 16:02
so do you want to bundle both the JARs together, i.e your own JAR which is dependent on the downloaded JAR? right? –  dreamer Mar 28 at 16:13
@dreamer, no I simply want to execute a JAR that contains a tool used by a batch script. –  dflemstr Mar 28 at 16:20

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Use dependency:copy, which will download and save the artifact in a specified outputDirectory (default: target/dependency). This way you don't have to worry about local or remote repositories, Maven will solve that for you.

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I have seen this goal before, but discarded it because this command will be run with different artifacts and in different directories. It is unfortunate that it will have to maintain a separate copy of the artifacts it relies on. But it works, so I will accept this solution. –  dflemstr Mar 28 at 16:18

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