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I'm trying to learn android development and I followed this tutorial: http://developer.android.com/training/gestures/scale.html

For learning purpose, I want to draw the line at x = 0 thicker than the other lines. Because of the zooming and panning, I figured it would be the best to draw a thick line whenever a label with the content "0" is drawn.

This is the code used to draw the labels:

// Draws X labels
        int labelOffset;
        int labelLength;
        for (i = 0; i < mXStopsBuffer.numStops; i++) {
            // Do not use String.format in high-performance code such as onDraw code.
            labelLength = formatFloat(mLabelBuffer, mXStopsBuffer.stops[i], mXStopsBuffer.decimals);
            labelOffset = mLabelBuffer.length - labelLength;
                    mLabelBuffer,labelOffset, labelLength,
                    mContentRect.bottom + mLabelHeight + mLabelSeparation,

So, I want to know when "mLabelBuffer,labelOffset, labelLength" is "0". How can I achieve this?

I would be very happy if someone could explain this to me.

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