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I don't want to run bundle install every time chef client runs on my app host I have a bundle check execute resource which notifies the bundle install resource if bundle check fails

execute "bundle_check" do 
  cwd node[:app][:install_dir]
  user "foo"
  command 'bundle check'
  action :run
  returns [1]
  notifies :run, "execute[bundle_install]", :immediately
  ignore_failure true

I have the ignore_failure true attribute set, but I'm wondering if there's a way of configuring the notifies attribute to notify based on return value. Essentially I don't want either return value of bundle check to be considered a failure, and I only want to notify if that value is 1.

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You are thinking about notifications incorrectly. What you really want in this case is a Resource Guard on the install resource:

command 'bundle install' do
  # ... existing parameters
  not_if 'bundle check'

This will execute the shell guard and then only run the bundle install command if bundle check fails (returns non-zero).

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The documentation for execute explicitly warns against this. docs.opscode.com/resource_execute.html <br/> "When using the not_if and only_if guards with the execute resource, the current working directory attribute (cwd) is not inherited from the resource." –  BigC Mar 31 '14 at 19:14
That's a warning about PWD (which you didn't mention). Then you need to cd /path/to/gemfile && bundle check –  sethvargo Apr 1 '14 at 0:04

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