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I bought an UCC SSL certificate from Go Daddy. And successfully uploaded onto my azure account and mapped it to my two different web applications/sites with their custom domains. But after all this my https:// still not working, getting following error (This Web Page is not available). When I am trying to browse my web application its still http://. Do I need to make any changes on application level as well to make my SSL work for my custom domains. Below are the steps which i followed.

  1. Created a CSR from my local machine.
  2. Bought a UCC SSL from Go Daddy mentioning all the domains for which i needed this SSL.
  3. Created a .pfx while after downloading my certificate from Go Daddy Site.
  4. Uploaded pfx file to azure website and mapped corresponding domains.

Any more configurations need to be done here?

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One thing to double check is that if the pfx file that you've created includes all intermediate certificates as described in this article:


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Yes it included all intermediate certificates, even tried applying a Go Daddy SSL certificate on one of my other sites as well, it got uploaded successfully and got mapped to my domains as well but site is still not opening as a secure one(https) –  Ali Mar 31 at 10:56
Ali, please let me know what's the name of the site that has this problem. –  RuslanY Apr 1 at 17:45
Hi Ruslam,The two sites in my UCC certificate are ootblabs.com(www) & madhushalaa.com(www) –  Ali Apr 4 at 5:34
Ali, it looks like the custom domains www.ootblabs.com and ootblabs.com do not point to the azure web sites IP address. The ootblabs.com is an A record that points to some wrong ip address. www.ootblabs.com is a CNAME that points to cf-protected-www.ootblabs.com which in turn points to some other IP address. You'll need to update the A record and CNAME for those domains to point to azure website CNAME ootblabs.azurewebsites.net. I have confirmed that SSL works correctly for www.ootblabs.com and the proper SSL cert is returned. To confirm that I modified the hosts file on my machine. –  RuslanY Apr 11 at 18:29
Thanks Ruslan I will do as you guided and will let you know soon. BTW I am using cloudflare for my DNS records & settings. Have to check if that may be the reason. What time can i catch you online, I just saw every thing as per your instruction and appears fine to me. Will discuss with you the case if I can get you online sometime. My FB is FB/alimohammad1987 Regards, :-) –  Ali Apr 12 at 22:20
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Thanks for your replies Ruslan, I solved my issue. The issue was not with certificate and neither with azure hosting. It was with CloudFlare, the application I was using as my domain's namespace holder and to maintain my domain settings. I never noticed that they don't support ssl in free version.

Rolled back to godaddy and certificate is working fine now.

I have one more question, i want my application to open in https: by default, what should I do to achieve that.


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