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I'm having trouble deleting my PouchDB to reset my jQuery Mobile app.

(Equivalent jsFiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/bYR8c/2/)

I have in app.js:

var db = new PouchDB('petrolog');

function resetDb(){
    db.destroy(function(err, info) { console.log('Error: ' + err); 
       console.log('Info: ' + info); }); //this is line 38, referenced in errors below
    showFillups(); //redraws the UI

and in index.html:

<script src="http://download.pouchdb.com/pouchdb-nightly.js"></script>

<a id="btnResetDb" class="ui-shadow ui-btn ui-corner-all">Erase all fillups</a>

<script> $('#btnResetDb').click(function(event){resetDb();}); </script>

When I click the button, I get the following from FireBug:

Error: null        app.js (line 38)
Info: undefined    app.js (line 38)

these correspond to my db.destroy() instruction in resetDb()

Any suggestions? I've already checked the API docs at http://pouchdb.com/api.html#delete_database but didn't find much help there.

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The destroy() method doesn't actually return anything for info. The fact that error is null indicates that everything was successful.

This is actually a bug in the documentation of PouchDB, which we'll fix.

FWIW, though, your jsfiddle doesn't work for unrelated reasons: the fiddle environment doesn't seem to have access to any local databases, so in Firefox I see Error: No valid adapter found.

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Just a quick question: it says that destroy is deprected, so should I just mark all entrys/documents deleted and then compact the thing? –  user2741831 Feb 20 at 15:52
destroy() is a separate operation from compaction, and it's PouchDB.destroy() that's deprecated, not db.destroy(). I'll update the docs to make that clearer. –  nlawson Feb 20 at 16:03

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